Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Old vs New

Media keeps changing and that is pretty obvious because, otherwise we wouldn't have old and new. Old media can be defined as something that is replacable by something much more advanced and better in everyway. New media is the different things through which we communicate but these, we can not replace if we wanted to. If the new media was replacable then it would be old media. To give specific examples, gramaphones are replaced by cd players, huge tv boxes have been replaced with flat screen tv's, books have been replaced with atleast to an extent by e-books or digital books. As we see the new media is something that is better than what it was before. And maybe when we invent something better than the newest media right now, this media will become old.

Monday, February 22, 2010

New Media Usage: Anthropological and Ethical perspectives

When books came out and music wasn't still on CD's, people probably wondered who had the right to what. Did only the authors that write the books or the artists that made the music have a right over these things or anyone who buys it does? As media advances the question still remains but it is getting increasingly harder to decide because it is getting easier for people to share, copy and use these materials. In my presentation, I would like to look at both sides of the story and try to come to a conclusion as to what is ethical and what is not. Though there are ethical values as doing the right thing are in question we can not ignore the fact that this same new media is spreading all over the world socially and anthropologically. I would like to look in to the anthropological side of the New Media too.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

What is New Media?

The technologies that are part of the new media are the internet, telephone, tv, and even radio can come under new media. But the newest form of media we all are accoustomed to are, social networking, blogging, wiki's, podcasting etc. These are all New media because they all give a new and much improved meaning as to what online collaboration, usage and communication are all about.

In my opinion all the above mentioned New Media's are so delevoped and new because of the availability of the internet. Imagine, if there was no internet, would there be a way to connect with people? Share new ideas or thoughts about the ongoing world with them? All these are made poosible only with the help of internet.

I think since we defined New media to be the internet, tv, telephone etc, the old media, printed books, newspaper availability only in the morning, purchases only in the store are being replaced by these new forms of media. But the replacing part is close but not very close. While not entirely replacing them, these new medias are enhancing them in every way possible. Like for example, this article shows how internet has helped catch illegal activities. And this one shows how the use of internet as a new media for more accurate and faster news. Though old media is not being completely replaced, its being changed in ways that are good for the future of the coming generations.

First ever blog!

Hey everyone,

This is the first entry in my first blog. So just sending out hello's to everyone and i hope this will be a good semester un our New Media class.