Saturday, May 1, 2010

About My Project

This is late but still..
My project basically tried to describe the different perspectives in new media usage. It was a broad topic so i decided to divide it in to the usage and the issues sections for each and every perspective described. Of all the four perspectives provided, the technological and ethical seemed to be the hardest to talk about while anthropological was interesting and educational was easiest to do. Technological perspective is difficult because it is hard to understand what part is new media and what part is technology. Or the fact that should we even address to these things as technology.
Anthropological was interesting because of the cases I read through while doing the research. The fact that being such a positive thing to so many people around the world can also harm many indigenous people is very surprising.
The ethical perspective takes on a whole new level because this is a new era, the era where everyone everywhere has access to new media. So how do we decide what the right and wrong things to do in this situation are? It has taken us couple of dozens of years to decide where rights come in when related to property specially intellectual property. When New Media comes in to play, it is all broken because who knows what is right and what is wrong? Who is going to decide it? It is going to take us a couple of more years to decide when we have a green flag when we have red. Until then all we can try to do is to stay within what government says is illegal such as p2p sharing and do the right thing.

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