Saturday, May 1, 2010

The next new thing

I think the next new thing might come in through the online video sharing. I recently read an article where a High school senior asked out this girl, who has put up videos showing makeup techniques, to prom. Seems like a weird but a regular story right? But the only difference is, he asked her out through youtube. He made a video asking her to go to the prom with him in which he played guitar and sang a song for her. This has become a new trend for teenagers. Well if not anything, this story shows New media in action. This is the reason why, I think the next new thing would be in this area. I think in the (near) future, people would use this video creating technology for much larger purposes. I can see a future where people from all over the world are contributing to the news by posting videos about what's happening around them. They'll basically become the news readers, and their opinion would be out there. This would replace the biased tv channels which broadcast news that they support. In my imagination, we could flip through channels showing different videos of people broadcasting things that happened around the places they live.
We can decide by flipping through the channels if we want to watch news from around the world, country or state. Though this has already happened, the presidents and high authorities of different countires would be online from a particular time when they would be asked questions online to which they would respond instantly. I think that Youtube and sites similar to it will go a long way.


  1. This is a great fear to some people. That people will no longer read and just watch videos. While videos and video sites are great, convenient and entertaining, the thought of everyone's reading/writing abilities deteriorating is frightening. Of course we could just adapt to the new trends and culture. Like how everyone uses calculators instead of doing math themselves.

  2. That is a very creative use for Youtube! I'm not so sure I would go the same route with the guitar and everything but hey if it works it works. Though on your politician comment, I would sure hope it turns out that way! Though i find it hard to imagine any politician to expose themselves to such a great extent.