Saturday, April 17, 2010

Advice to Baruch College

Baruch college, since it has rebuilt its buildings years ago has been an icon of modernisation with in the cuny community. It has come to put in to use many of the new media technologies. But what I would advice Baruch college to take up that doesn't already exist are the following:

1. There are all kinds of students in this college. Some are very good at interacting some are not. Keeping those people in mind Baruch college should create a virtual Baruch world where people that are shy can interact and get to know people. The same can be used to help freshmen get used to the campus and ease them in to the college life.
2. Some professors already have a twitter or a facebook where they can interact with students. This should be done college wide. If students and professors get to know each other outside oft he classroom it wld help create a better learning environment.
3. A blog should be started for every single class and the professor should blog if not everyday once or twice a week. This would give the professor a chance to get his/her concerns or appreciation to the class as a whole. This is specially useful for lecture classes.
These are some of the most important things Baruch College should consider taking up.

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