Saturday, April 17, 2010

NM Class so far

So far this class is the most interesting of all the classes I am taking this semester. I never get board reading the articles for the class and I never get tired of listening to what every one in the class has to bring to the table. It has given me a new insight in to what new media is all about. I better understand the concepts of social networking, blogging, using wikipedia and many other things. I know the many pros and cons of many existing forms of new media, I understand the huge role they play in our everyday lifes. But so far the most exciting thing about this class to me has been the work on wiki. It is just so fascinating to be able to contribute to the knowledge of everyone else. The inner workings of the wiki is interesting in itself. To be able to put in the content everyone would read is time taking and a huge responsibility. So to me the New Media class so far is a great experience and has been teaching me a ton of things I would otherwise have no idea.

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  1. agreed all this semester i looked forward to this class. its really fun and the professor really makes a nice environment