Saturday, April 17, 2010

Our Class Wiki - So Far

In our class wiki, I have taken up the responsibility to be the editor of the New Media Ethics and Law page. Though I haven't contributed a lot to this page yet, I have gathered up neccessary resources to make this page much easier to understand. New media ethics and law is a very broad topic and so it is a hard task to keep the information conice and interesting. The former contributors and editors have done an excellent job collecting the data and placing it under sub headings. What I am going to change and to an extent did is the layout of the whole page. It seems a little bit unorganised with so many thoughts and definitions all around. I have read most of the page a couple of times and i noted some errors in either spelling or the writing, that is going to be fixed by the time I finish editing. There are a few links in the page that do not work anymore, I am going to replace them with links and part that do work. In the end, the new media page is a great source for information about the relationship betwen New media and the law and ethics. I am going to be adding a few subsections to the Ethics part of the page because it is just as important to know the ethical issues concerning New Media as to know the laws behind it.

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